PGDEL has started in the academic year 2000-2001

 PGDEL is a one-year distance education programme open to all graduates. The goal of this course is to acquaint the uninitiated with different aspects of environmental law and governance. The Course is designed to serve the long felt need of strengthening the legal capacity of Administrators, Activists, Adjudicators, and Academics concerned with Environmental Governance in India. This is part of the mission of making environment everyone’s business and inculcates the values of environmental stewardship. The concept of deep ecology which is widening its ambit found a clear prominence in this part of the course. In order to familiarize the students with the environmental justice machinery; the concepts of criminal law remedies, tortious liabilities and major landmark environmental movements have also been included in this discourse. From principles to the existing framework; this Course covers in its broader avenue; the legislative and judicial aspects of Water, Air and Waste Management in India. As a whole, this course aims to provide a theoretical as well as a pragmatic insight to the Environmental Law. As could be discerned, it is the demonstration of a panoramic sight of an intact environmental legal order, both on paper as well as reality. It is an endeavour to acquaint and familiarize the student with the ecological, socio-economic, scientific and administrative sensitivity about Environment, within the purview of law and administration of justice.


 The subjects prescribed for the course shall be as follows:-

Paper I - Introduction to Law & Legal Systems

Paper II - Philosophy, Principles, Environmental Justice and Pollution Control

Paper III - International Environmental Law

Paper IV - Natural Resource Management Law & Environment and Development

Paper V - Dissertation