Student’s Speak

Student’s Speak

Mr. Tanmay Sinha


Mr. Tanmay Sinha 

PGDM (IIMC), MBL (NLSIU), M.E (Electrical)

 After spending 17 years in Industry what inspired me about MBL are – (1) functionality of curriculums, (2) flexibility & (3) faculty. When comes to business, legal knowledge is probably indispensable. Effective management of regulatory & legal issues often increases the shareholders’ value whereas ineffective handling may often disquiet the financials of the business. It is the suitable legal applications & measures in business, which helps sailing through the complex environment. It would have been very difficult to draw convergence between interests of stakeholders in business & society without business law.

The MBL course specializes in ten areas which are very pertinent to the business community. The overall pedagogy of the course, materials, ageless peer colleagues, associated staffs are so rich in content & fundamental. The e-materials, video lectures, weekend classes in NLSIU campus & continuous interactions with eminent professors have been very conducive for practical learning of the complex subject matters. Needless to mention that it is probably very difficult to complete the course in due time without these.

I am very thankful to NLSIU for providing me the opportunity to study MBL. I extend my sincere gratitude to all the Professors, Teaching & non-teaching staffs of the institution to whom I am really indebted. The understanding of the business law will certainly help me to make better decisions & operate with some measure of predictability.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                           Tanmay Sinha


Mr. Sidharth Bhatia, 

B.Sc (Hons.) M.Com (Finance & Taxation) F.C.A, LL.B, DISA (ICAI), MBL
Partner, Vinod Bhatia and Associates

 As a practicing professional, I felt that my thirst for knowledge could be quenched only if I could hone my skills in Business Laws. And what better platform than NLS, Bangalore because of its reputation as a premier Institute having industrious & dynamic faculty members. With apprehensions galore and in a state of incertitude I enrolled for the course knowing fully well that passing with decent grades would be a formidable task due to my hectic work commitments but I felt confident that my academic background & practical experience would stand me in good stead. I can assure that I have loved every moment of this course. I was not daunted by the fact that clearing all the papers in one go would perhaps be a herculean task & failing in one or two papers would act as a deterrent. The Study Material provided is extensive & could be easily assimilated which actually egged me on to, metaphorically speaking, catch the bull by the horns. The content was not only well researched & relevant but also contained the latest amendments to the applicable Acts. The Corporate Law Module contained the provisions of the new Companies Act, 2013 along-with the comparison with the old provisions of Companies Act, 1956. This helped greatly in comprehending the pertinent changes made by the new law as well as providing a complete understanding of the loopholes existing in the previous Law that got plugged. The Module on Insurance Laws provided the necessary insight into the world of Insurance while maintaining the interest of the reader at the same time. The Case Studies in the Contract Law Module helped develop the necessary analytical prowess in a systematic & methodical manner. Industrial Relations & Environmental Law Modules were comprehensive and made an interesting read while IPR & International Commercial Transactions Laws contained thought-provoking & intellectually stimulating analysis. The Modules on Taxation & Investment Laws were full of profundities and the Banking Law module comprised of substantive reading.

NLSIU is a dream that I have cherished for long & the way they impart education to the uninitiated can be best summarized in the words: “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle & the life of the candle will not be shortened………” The saying succinctly summarizes the tireless efforts of the University, Teaching as well as the Non-Teaching Staff Members who have put in the desired efforts & hard work in making the entire programme a huge success. Although, attending classes was difficult because of geographical limitations, yet that gap was bridged by the provision of a robust IT infrastructure that ensured regular updates to the Study Material, lucid presentations & a user-friendly interface. It is also pertinent to point out the assiduous efforts of the Non-Teaching Staff Members that ensured all the emails & queries were attended to. The response time & the prompt action taken by them was remarkably impressive.

Today I can proudly say that NLSIU is my Alma Mater & I feel honoured that I cleared all my papers in one attempt!

Sidharth Bhatia

MartinMr. Martin Mathew  

Project Manager (Information Technology – Business Airlines & Aviation)

 Taking up a course on Law was always a much-awaited interest and joining the Master`s Programme in Business Law from NLSIU has fulfilled that wish of mine of being a Business Law graduate in the current world.

The Master`s Programme has helped me have a wholesome outlook and understanding of the legal aspects of the world we are living in today. The Various subjects such as Corporate Law, Investment Law, Foreign Trade, Intellectual Property Rights are very exhaustive and have augmented my law knowledge and given me a deeper insight into these areas which we encounter daily in our profession.
To enable us through the journey we have wonderful experienced teachers from the field itself, who guide and lead us at all times and build our perspective on the legal front which itself sets us in realizing the legality of each system we are learning and discussing.
The best of the unsung people are the Non-academic staff of NLSIU who are great and always supportive and have helped us all through our course in MBL and have done a great job. Since this is a distance education course, the support extended by each of them, be it any location has been exceptional. A Big thank you to all of them.
Completing my MBL has brought me great satisfaction and of experiencing some fine aspects of the legal world and NLSIU is one such institution that helps you imbibe this knowledge.

Thank you NLSIU DED…

With Regards,
Martin Mathew

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